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Defying poverty through

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We focus principally on Rosario while also working in other cities around Argentina and the world.

Our job

To solve complex problems we need a comprehensive look that takes into account many factors. That’s why our “Theory of Change” – which answers the question of how change will occur – identifies two elementary pillars to achieving large-scale social progress.

Youth development

Means unleashing the talent, potential, and gifts that are latent in young people. They are the ones who have - and will have - the possibility of solving problems, some of which we do not even know exist today. If these talents do not exploit the whole society, causing harm in academic, economic, and social terms. Making sure we have the skills of young people is a wise investment. Who do you think will solve the problems of the future?

Citizen participation

Quality citizen participation is key when it comes to building a healthy democracy. All of us, day by day, decide what kind of country we want to have with our daily actions. We all have (co) responsibility to solve the problems that affect us, and for that we need to have tools, skills, and capabilities as a society to be able to address different issues. Or do you think that creating an inclusive, equitable, poverty-free country and where we can all live in peace is something that will happen without our actions?


Youth development


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Citizen participation


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Transparency & Efficiency

We invest at least 80% of our resources in programs of action. In doing so, we ensure that administrative expenses are minimal.

Because we develop and execute all our programs for the children and the community, there are no intermediary organizations to generate extra expenses.

Finance ourselves through private donations, businesses, events, state subsidies and cooperative funds, we have no links with any political party or religious organization. And because we believe in transparency and have an ”open book” policy, we publish the balances of each fiscal year on our website for whom ever wishes to see it.


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