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  • Jorn Wemmenhove

Wings of Support

On a KLM-flight to Argentina I read about the non-profit organization Wings of Support in the inflight magazine of the Royal Dutch Airlines. The organization was set up by the employees of KLM, independently from the airline. Everything on such high altitudes seems like a long-shot, but after arriving I sent a message to Wings of Support to try our luck. Some weeks later I received a message on Facebook from flight attendant Robin de Geus. And the rest is history.

And a great story. Since Wings of Support is an initiative of employees, it is completely based on the enthusiasm and passion of the KLM staff. Robin is no exception. After asking me many questions about our work in Argentina he decided to support the project proposal we sent. No endless going back and forward with him. The collaboration started based on real interest, passion and trust.

Wings of Support supports our sports and empowerment programs over the last years. And since flight attendants get to travel quite a lot, it is great that Robin and his colleagues get to see the work we do first hand. It helps that many speak some Spanish, so connecting with the youngsters is no problem. Also Robin loves to take pictures - and is a great photographer - which is a great icebreaker when talking to the shy kids.

COVID-19 extra support:

The current crisis hits us all very hard. Companies like KLM operate at 10% of its capacity, which has a huge impact on the lives of their employees. Nonetheless, Wings of Support continues to help us with additional support for the most vulnerable. With this help we can make sure to reach every participant of our programs and their families and provide them with services, food and whatever they might need during this pandemic. We are delivering weekly food bags that cover the nutritional needs of children and their families, for example.

In this most difficult moments of life, we need to be there for each other. Wings of Support does exactly this, so we can continue to help our youngsters.

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