What we do

Fighting structural poverty in Argentina, that’s what we do. Sounds idealistic, but is what gets us out of bed everyday. It can be done, if you have ideas, theories of change and if you identify different paths that can bring you to the goal. That’s what we have been doing for almost 20 years. So, what’s our approach to fight poverty?

Two things must happen for us in order to end poverty. One is youth development, specially of those youngsters that are living in poverty. If we help them to unleash their talents, to build skills and resilience they can break the poverty trap. And then, they become agents of social change in their families and neighborhoods.


Secondly, we need to empower society so they can get involved. Poverty is not a problem of people living in those conditions, it has a negative impact for all of us. So we should all be part of the solution, we should be able to have tools, knowledge and platforms to be part of change, instead of asking that someone else fix.

And it has been working so far. All our programs are monitor, measured and evaluated so we can learn of what works and what doesn’t, and how we can do to accelerate de transition to create a better world for all.