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Empowering youngsters to kick poverty’s ass and create a better urban future for all.


What we do

In Argentina 60% of all young people* live in poverty. Many of them face discrimination, exclusion, sexual abuse, and don’t get the opportunities they deserve to change their reality. There are no easy solutions to solve this complex situation, but we are called El Desafío for a reason. Empowering youngsters with life skills while working on citizen participation we can crack this challenge. 

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Youth development

The youth is the hope of the future. But just hoping is not enough. We must invest in unleashing their talent, potential, and dreams of future generations. Our team help youngsters to develop life skills such as collaboration & creativity, effective communication, being good at uncertainty and managing frustration. We do this through our programs using the power of sports, the art of cooking, the expression of dance, and many more. We turn hope into action.

Some of our programs

Cooking | Crash creative lab & coding | Sports for development | Photography

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Citizen participation

Quality citizen participation is key when it comes to building a healthy democracy and resiliente society. All of us, day by day, decide what kind of city and country we want to create with our daily actions. We all have (co)responsibility to solve the problems that affect us, and for that we need to have tools, skills and trust as a society to be able to address different issues. Argentina is still a young democracy, it takes time and effort to grow up together.

Some of our activities

Ciudades Felices Festival | Urban interventions | Mobility lab | Sports for development academy

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“It takes a city to raise a child. It takes a child to change the city."

Our impact since 2006

1013 youngsters 

98% stayed at school 

82% develop communication skills 

99% stayed away from drugs 

89% increased their selfesteem 

820 volunteers 

2500 participants Ciudades Felices Festival 

47000 users of mini libraries project p/year 

92% direct investment in programs 

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Accept the challenge. Let’s create the future together!

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