To create an inclusive society in Argentina with equal opportunities of development, by fighting the roots of poverty and promoting civic participation.


There are many children in Argentina without having the possibility of developing a life project. Being born in a context of extreme poverty, malnutrition, health problems, lack of education, violence, social exclusion and very few possibilities of insertion in the job market does not provide many opportunities of a decent life. This scenario does not only affect those living in this situation. Although it afflicts them the most, it also afflicts society as a whole. Socially disintegrated, a country does not have many opportunities for progress. And this is what we see in daily life in Rosario Argentina. The city where El Desafio Foundation is based and making the social change.

At El Desafio Foundation we understand that in order to achieve a true impact of social change our actions must be planned for the long term. Also they must be framed in an integral vision. Therefore we do not offer merely individual aid. We work together with families, the community and the society to create social programs that promote development. Participants of our programs, most of all children, are not mere receptors of services. They are actual agents of social change.

There are many children living in unacceptable conditions. It is our belief that we are all responsible of not letting this happen. Our challenge is to achieve a deep social change and we need everyone’s collaboration to get there. We are all part of our country and our society. Whichever is your field of work -employee, housewife, student, businessman, tradesman- you can and you should, work on your part of making the social change.

El Desafio Foundation will show you how you can be part of the solution to make the social change.