It all begun after the 2001 crisis when many honest, talented and responsible people decided to get more involved with what was going on in Argentina. Poverty and social exclusion levels in Argentina were high and still are. The social challenge consisted in creating a more inclusive society. A society in which everyone has the same opportunities of development. We, Mario Raimondi & Jorn Wemmenhove, established a clear goal: to fight poverty by creating social commitment. Something that was not easy at all for the 16 hockey players who started to fulfill this dream by organizing a sporting event to raise funds. This took place on December of 2002.

Nowadays NGO El Desafio Foundation can boast of being based both in the Netherlands and Rosario Argentina. We have a great amount of volunteers and a permanent staff of professionals. We are not related to any political organizations or religions. As being a NGO we do not accept donations or subsidies from governmental institutions. We do not provide charity, solidarity or merely individual aid. We work with long term social programs that attack the root causes of social challanges. Our aim is to create social change so that we can all live a better reality.

In 2009, NGO El Desafio Foundation was declared a matter of municipal interest by the Rosario City Council.