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El Desafío SB:

Youngsters Reclaim Their Streets Through Skateboarding

Code the Future:

Underprivileged Children Code Their Future


Eight youngsters get the chance to become top chefs

Hockey Power

Be the field hockey player you always wanted to be! In this social program young girls learn the basics of hockey and how to interact in a team. Besides we learn them how to combine healthy nutrition with doing sports.

Barrio al Mundo

‘From the neighborhood to the world’ is one of our social programs in which children get to tell stories through art. Guided by the best artists in Rosario they are offered the opportunity to show their work in art galleries and during city events.


This workshop is all about learning the electrician’s job. While working, the workshop leaders explain the children about the importance of going to school. How learning a profession can open doors to new opportunities. This is one of our social programs in which children specifically focus on learning a handicraft profession.


In our ‘Garabato’ space children follow art classes and workshops of painting and theater. Our two in house psychologists run these social programs. They are trained in understanding and supporting each child in his/her particular situation. Through different activities children are being stimulated to develop their own opinion and identity. Besides we teach them social skills they need in daily (city) life.

Rhythm of Life

In this social program we combine music and dance as a way of self expression. Children learn choreographies and make their own choreographies on all kinds of music.

Step One

Through English lessons we promote the importance of learning another language and how it can open a world of opportunities. This is one of our social programs in which education has a central meaning.

Hay Equipo

‘Hay equipo’ is one of our social programs focused on sports: football training at a high level for boys from 15 to 17 years old. This program is very intense, both from a physical as a mental point of view. The workshop team participates in a year round tournament. It is the ultimate challenge to test their skills against other teams that force them to give their best.

Hay Equipito

‘Hay Equipito’, the little brother of ‘Hay Equipo’. This is one of our social programs for boys from 11 to 14 years old. We learn them basic football techniques and how to interact in a team.


Every day we share the ‘merienda’ (afternoon meal) with all the children. We do this in order to cover their nutritional and social needs. At the same time we explain about and promote the attendance of other social programs. The ‘merienda’ is an excellent moment to share peaceful and interactive moments together.