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Women are known worldwide as outstanding agents for social change. They overcome difficult situations, envision the best possible future for their families and strive to break down stereotypes. Here at El Desafío we know this really well, and that’s why we have many talented, creative and strong women in our team. Agustina’a story, however, deserves a separate paragraph.

Agustina is 16 years old and she joined as a volunteer for the program Ocho (cooking and nutrition) in 2014. As soon as she joined, she demonstrated her personal skills and an impressive attitude, which explains why she is soccer player despite the popular myth that soccer is only for men. After taking part in the Leadership training, we asked her if she was interested in being the coach of our soccer team (boys aged 12-13.) The suggestion got her by surprise and, full of pride and adrenaline, she accepted the challenge. It was a project that required strength, attitude and courage but it was tempting because it allows for a big impact at an individual and group level. In the end, the message that was going to be transmitted to the kids broke down old structures: not only can women be mothers, but also they can occupy the same roles and places as men. And who better than Agustina to transmit that message?

The group of unruly and scattered boys listened closely when they heard her voice for the first time, then quickly realized they were a part of something new. ‘At first I was nervous, but then I got more confident and everything turned out fine. The support I got from El Desafío helps me a lot with my self-confidence’— she claimed. Later that day, Agustina received a big motivational gift: a soccer t-shirt from the US Women’s National team from the people at Global Mentorship. Today, Agustina also takes part in the programs Movete Sin Límites (move without boundaries) – a dance program – and Leadership, but, more importantly, she is a referent for her peers and a true inspiration to all.

el poder de las mujeres - women power - El Desafío Foundation

el poder de las mujeres - women power - El Desafío Foundation

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