Participants since 2006

Participants that were at school and stayed at school

Years of community work experience

Percentage of all our income spent directly on social programs (2007-2013)

Kids that quit El Desafío Foundation and quit school too
Participants that were not in school and returned to it
Participants that improved their communication skills
Participants that developed skills for conflict resolution
Participants of our electrician program that got a permanent job
Participants that stayed away from drugs and crime

Transparency on our NGO policy & community work results

  • We have a general NGO policy that at least 80% of our expenses go to our community work. For every coin we receive we want to spend the most on the children being part of our social programs. The least we spend on administration & management costs.
  • El Desafio Foundation develops and executes all social programs. This means that there are no other organizations in the middle incurring extra costs.
  • We raise our funds from private donations, companies, fundraising events and charity funds.
  • Due to high corruption levels in Argentina we don’t receive any donations from local Argentinian governmental or political institutions.
  • El Desafio Foundation does not have any links with political or religious parties.
  • Annually we publish our financial balances and the results of our community work on this website. We have an ‘open book’ policy to anyone who requests for information.
  • Click here to see our annual financial report 2013 and here for the statement of our accountant.
2013 Income sources: Sponsors Permanent donors Fundraising events Awards/grants
We are a NGO and don’t receive money from the Argentinian government