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Yesterday, Mario Raimondi, our co-founder and CEO, received a certificate of honor for our work in the name of the whole team. He was very appreciative for such a recognition and took the opportunity to talk to the deputies and public in general about the importance of youngsters’ development as a way to solve the problems of the country.

‘All problems get solved thanks to the talent and capacity of the people involved and it is mere responsibility for all of us to make sure talented people make the best use of their skills, starting with the youngsters. Adults should create healthy, creative and peaceful environments where youngsters can grow up and develop correctly. Today, many children are born and live under poverty and exclusion, and that is the first type of violence these people are exposed to. When we solve that, we will be able to solve the rest of the problems’— Mario explained.

This recognition is a proof that the country we want is built amongst us, with cooperation and commitment, and also that we were not, nor are we now, only dreamers chasing the impossible.

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