Our office & workshop space in Rosario Argentina

Our office is based in a warehouse in between the neighborhoods La Lata & Moreno in the south area of Rosario. This is also the location from where we execute our social programs and where the children come.

We choose this warehouse mainly because it is based in the childrens’ daily living environment. Also being close to their network (family & friends) helps us to stimulate the whole community to be part of the social change. We renewed and decorated the complete warehouse with bright workshop spaces. To make the children feel at home and to make it an inspiring place for social change.

Please feel free to contact us in Rosario Argentina, we are more than happy to hear from you!

Workshop space El Desafio Foundation

Office Rosario Argentina

Workshop space El Desafio Foundation

Flag Argentina

Rosario, Argentina

Moreno 3486,

Santa Fe 2000

Mail: [email protected]

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Papendrecht, The Netherlands

Tjaskermolen 21,

3352 XH

Tel: 06 – 5340 5758

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